My Sister.

This morning it was only 13 degrees outside. Brrr! I’ll just say that I’m thankful for the smell of hot coffee filling the air as my husband got ready for work. Today, I was lucky enough to quietly sit in our warm bed with a 50 lb poodle on my feet for an extra few minutes, and then a few more.

As I sat reveling in the glory that is my feather pillow, I texted my sister. It’s one of my favorite ways to start the day. As usual, we spent a good deal of time giggling over inappropriate memes, spring garden plans, and how much space our dogs take up at the end of our beds.

“How does your schedule look today?”

“Not bad, I’ve got to go to the grocery and the butcher.”

“I need to go to the grocery too.”

“What time? Will you be able to chat while you shop?”

While this looks like small talk, I assure you we are dancing a finely choreographed dance that tells us if our days will be spent doing tasks alone, or with a chance of laughing ourselves to tears. This is who we are as sisters.

So, today is actually a very special day. It’s the day when we start including you in our sisterly relationship on this blog. It’s not just recipes or silly anecdotes from our lives. It’s two girls who have somehow grown into 40-something women, with beautifully different lives smashed together in one great masterpiece; the best friendship anyone could ever want or have.

You will now be privy to our memories of sitting in Grandma’s kitchen together eating homemade pancakes while she drank a cup of black coffee and scurried around to make sure everyone had eaten.

It’s experiencing holding our parents’ hands as we felt the waves of the beach smash into our shins for the first time.

It’s grieving together and still loving each other for who we became on the other side.

Shelly and I are inseparable. We laugh until we cry. We speak gibberish in ridiculous made-up accents. We talk incessantly about birds and flowers. We cook and compare recipes. We even argue over who has the better husband (just in case the guys are reading this).

Basically, we have been keeping this amazing relationship all to ourselves. So, as we launch, we ask that you laugh with us, cry with us, paint, write, savor, and enjoy what we have to share. In turn, please never hesitate to share your lives with us. Nothing would make us happier than to know our readers. You will be our sisters too. Please take a moment and comment on your dreamiest childhood memory. We can’t wait to see what comes next and we look forward to meeting you!